The Benefits of Snow Melt Driveway Service

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If you’ve lived in Utah for more than one winter, you know just how annoying snow removal can be around the home. You wake up in the morning, your day is going exactly as planned as you leave the house…and then you have to spend half an hour shoveling the driveway and scraping ice off the ground just to get to work, and your whole schedule is ruined.

All Hours Plumbing is best known as your 24-hour residential plumbing go-to, but we’re also here to help with pesky snow removal. Using our radiant heat solutions, we offer snow melt driveway installation to make shoveling and manual labor a thing of the past. Our technology is simple but hugely effective, and will warm your driveway and remove snow without you lifting a finger. Let’s find out how you can benefit from snow melt driveway services.


A snow melt driveway gets the job done quickly and correctly every time. It’s very simple technology: The driveway is warmed to a temperature that melts ice and snow alike, and removes any need for you to spend hours shoveling. Maintenance is very low to nonexistent – our products require nothing more than a standard yearly check to ensure they’re functioning optimally.


The primary benefit of one of these systems is safety for the whole family. Slips and falls on ice or snow are a thing of the past, a particularly large benefit to anyone with young children or elderly family members. When combined with the time this saves you, the convenience factor of a snow melt driveway begins to stack up.

Cost Savings

Not only will this save you time, it will save you money in many cases. Houses with radiant heat driveway systems are becoming more popular in colder climates, meaning you might be raising your home’s value by adding one.

You’re definitely prolonging the life of your driveway, as well. With no plows or shovels whacking it hundreds of times every winter, dents and corrosion from salt and other chemicals should be reduced or even eliminated.

Ease of Installation

Best of all, our products are easy to install at a low, fair cost to you. We can target your trouble spots particular to your driveway, and install a system with no hassle to your or your family.

To learn more about these or any other parts of our plumbing or home furnace service, speak to an expert at All Hours Plumbing today.

Frequent Winter Heating Problems

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It’s the dead of winter, and heating and air services are at the top of every plumbing specialist’s to-do list. We offer everything from furnace repair to water heater maintenance at All Hours Plumbing, and we’re here to help get you through the coldest months of the year with low cost and no hassle.

This is a process you can play a role in, as well. There are several heating issues common in homes during wintertime, and your ability to spot them can mean the difference between a quick fix and a huge, costly issue. Let’s look at some of the most frequent winter heating issues in the home:

Sudden Heat Loss

If your home suddenly loses its heat, there could be one of several things happening. In some cases, this is a simple power outage or surge – check your other power sources and see if this might be the simple fix. There’s also a chance power has only been cut off to your furnace temporarily.

However, it’s also possible there’s an issue with your pilot light or ignition system in these cases. If power isn’t your issue, there’s a chance you’ll need to call for furnace service in these cases.

Thermostat Issues

If you notice that heat seems to be present, but only some of the time or only in certain areas of the home, you could be experiencing an air flow issue that’s generally caused by a faulty thermostat. It might shut on or off too quickly, or have dust or other particles inside it screwing up its functions.

Air Flow Problems

Do you notice your furnace running, but failing to adequately heat the house? It’s likely you have air flow issues. Draft is one of the most common here – open windows or doors or faulty insulation can lead to huge amounts of heat escaping your home, and big cost increases.

Balancing air flow can also help solve these problems if draft isn’t the issue. You might have certain important vents closed that need to be opened, or in some cases air flow problems are created by dirty coils or filters in your system. If you can’t solve the problem with some basic tinkering on your own, basic air filter inspections through a professional should weed them out.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide can be a serious risk to you and your family. You can’t smell it, taste it or see it, and it can be caused by rust in your furnace’s heat exchanger which causes cracks and carbon monoxide leaks. These cracks can be nearly impossible to find in some cases.

Any homes with a furnace at least 10 years old absolutely must have carbon monoxide sensors installed to detect any leaks. In addition, regular furnace maintenance will help prevent these kinds of issues before they come up.

For furnace replacement and installation, or any of our other winter plumbing services, contact the experts at All Hours Plumbing today.

Bad Habits That Cause Plumbing Issues

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At All Hours Plumbing, we’re proud to be your go-to emergency plumbing service in Utah. We’re on call 24 hours a day to handle all your plumbing needs large and small, and there’s no issue we haven’t seen or dealt with.

Many of these issues are simply unavoidable, but there are many that fall into another class: Those caused by poor habits around the home. A few basic areas of avoidance can keep you away from costly plumbing repair calls, and save our services for the true accidents you can’t control. Here are a few tips for habits to avoid in the home.

Overusing Products

It’s great to keep your drains clean and free of gunk, but there’s a balance to strike here. Constantly overusing too many drain cleaning products can actually lead to worse results than a little blockage would have in the first place – it can cause corrosion in the drain and actually make clogs worse in many cases.

In addition, too many harsh chemicals in your drains can interfere with the waste-eating bacteria present in your septic tank. In worst cases, this can cause a sewage backup when your tank, which relies on these bacteria, doesn’t have enough to function properly.

Misuse of Sink and Garbage Disposal

The sink is another area where balance is vital. Food and other minor scraps shouldn’t just be poured down the drain and left to sit – with proper running water, they should be ground up in the garbage disposal. Certain items, such as oil and fat, should never be poured down any drain since they’ll cause hardening.

At the same time, using the disposal as a virtual trashcan for any item you can think of is absolutely not the correct approach. A blocked garbage disposal can be a large expense, so think about the load you’re placing on it.

Damaged Hidden Pipes

If you’re the type who likes to make home improvements, just be careful when drilling into walls or floors. You may damage pipes you can’t see and create an issue only a plumber can fix.

Incorrect Toilet Use

It’s one of the most common calls plumbers get – people hear the warnings about the kinds of material that should be flushed down the toilet, and they keep right on flushing down other stuff anyway. Things like feminine products, cotton balls or Q-tips are not meant to go down the toilet – they can block both the toilet itself and the rest of your system in some cases. If it’s not natural waste or specifically designed toilet paper, find another outlet to dispose of it.

Need to know more? Our experts at All Hours Plumbing are awaiting your call.

The Most Common Reasons to Call a Plumber

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There are many reasons you might need to call a plumber for your home, and at All Hours Plumbing, we’ve seen them all more times than you could count. We’re experts in all residential plumbing issues, and our team is ready 24 hours a day to service any issues you may have.

We can’t be in your home constantly, though, and there are several more common plumbing issues which, at the very least, it’s good for you to be able to generally recognize. With some basic knowledge, you can solve certain minor issues yourself or know exactly what needs to be done to expedite the process before anything too catastrophic happens. Here are a few of the most common reasons plumbing services are typically needed.


The most common reason to call a plumber is general maintenance, which is vital for plumbing in every home. Some of these common items are things you might be able to do in the house yourself, though it’s always good to call for professional help if you have any uncertainty.

Basic plumbing maintenance tasks might include:

  • Examine exposed pipes for damage
  • Flush toilets and run sinks
  • Water heater and garbage disposal
  • Check for sediment on faucets and shower heads
  • Drain treatment
  • Pressure tests

In some cases, you or your plumber might discover one of a few minor-to-moderate issues.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure will cause it to be harder for you to get water out of your tap, and may be a sign of a few different things – debris buildup in pipes, problems with local municipal water supplies (more rare) or a break in your main water line (also rare). If it’s simply debris causing blockages, removal and cleaning of faucets and shower heads sometimes clears up the issues. In some cases, further professional work will be needed.

Dripping Faucets/Leaky Pipes

Not only can these be annoying based on sound and water pooling issues, problems with leaking pipes or faucets can lead to much larger concerns with water damage.

Running Toilet

The inner workings of a toilet need maintenance too, and there may come a time where they lose enough function that parts need to be replaced. Some of the reasons for a continuously running toilet might be fixable on your own, but there are also a few pretty complex reasons why this could be happening.


Slow or clogged drains are also a common plumbing issue, and if your plunger or basic home remedies aren’t doing the trick, you’ll have to get a plumber involved. Especially if you have frequent clogs, there’s a good chance you need professional service.

At All Hours Plumbing, our residential plumbing services are second to none. We offer both standard and emergency plumbing services, and our staff is available 24 hours a day to serve you.

The Benefits of Radiant Heat

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We all want to be warm in our homes, especially during the cold months of winter, and modern technology allows this to be possible in newer and more creative ways. One of these is radiant heat, a style of heating where panels on walls, floors and ceilings are used to heat rooms – sometimes in place of traditional furnaces or other heating systems, and sometimes in addition to these.

All Hours Plumbing is a licensed, professional installer of radiant heat systems across Salt Lake City. Our technicians are trained to pinpoint the best locations for your radiant heat panels before installing them with no hassle, and our products are designed to perform and last.

What are some of the benefits to installing radiant heat in place of (or in cohesion with) traditional heating and air?

Thermal Benefits

In many cases, radiant heat will be both more efficient and more practically useful than traditional heating systems. First off, the fact that they use less electricity than most other systems is a vital consideration for your wallet.

Maybe more importantly, though, radiant heat can be much more efficient. Rather than a system which directly heats the air, radiant heating warms the surfaces of objects in the room – this can lower heat loss for people in the room and allow them to feel completely comfortable at temperatures 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional heating methods.

Out of Mind

Radiant heating systems are both out of sight and generally silent, important considerations for many public buildings or for people looking to minimize invasiveness in the home. No one wants to be looking at a furnace while they eat dinner or watch TV, and certainly no one wants to be kept up at night by a loud heating system.


Because of the way radiant heat systems are designed, they’re generally extremely durable. Panels are typically concrete or another very strong material, and at All Hours Plumbing, we make sure to properly insulate your slabs to make sure they don’t receive any damage from elements.

Clean and Green

Many traditional heating systems spread dust or allergens through your house – this isn’t an issue with radiant heat, which creates only very gentle room circulation through the panels and is much easier on people with common allergy symptoms.

On a larger scale, radiant heat systems can be great for the environment. They maximize heating efficiency by warming the correct areas of rooms and severely limiting heat loss or waste. As fuel and energy costs continue to rise, radiant heat and similar systems will become even more popular.

Want to know more about this or any of our plumbing, heating or air conditioner services? Our technicians at All Hours Plumbing can’t wait to serve you.

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