Air Conditioning Installation and Repair

Got a broken air conditioning unit at the office? Are you moving into a new home somewhere in Salt Lake City and are in need of a new AC? Let All Hours Plumbing SLC install and build quality into your cooling system!

The Latest Cooling Technology

We stock air conditioning systems from some of the major brands. We make sure each will give you the latest technology for superior comfort, as well as energy-saving features to reduce your utility bills. And with professional installation by our team, you can enjoy better temperature control and better indoor air quality.

Highly Qualified, Certified Air Conditioner Installers in Salt Lake City

We have a team of HVAC specialists who are highly qualified and certified to install your new unit. With years of experience servicing residential and commercial clients all over Salt Lake City, we have the expertise to install the appliance in the best way possible. We’ll make a load calculation to correctly size the AC system that’s right for you and your home.

Proper Maintenance by Experts

On top of that, because we know that problems with the AC often happen when you need it the most (i.e., during the hottest time of the year), we’ll respond to your needs quickly and efficiently when it really counts.

We’ll also make sure that your units are properly maintained to prevent them from breaking down.

No Hidden Fees

And the best part? Unlike with other air conditioner installers in Salt Lake City, we won’t surprise you with hidden fees! We make sure all our transactions are transparent as much as possible.

Call us today at 801-204-9181 and enjoy the superior comfort you deserve.

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