A Look at Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Most homeowners will eventually find themselves replacing pipes. After all, pipes don’t last forever. While leaks may appear seemingly out of nowhere, they generally result from slow aging and corrosion. Sometimes, a badly corroded pipe could break apart merely by touching it too hard. Turning corroded valves on a rusty pipe might lead to a valve breaking off. Pressurized water may immediately flow out and create an expensive mess.

So, yes, homeowners do need to stay on top of the condition of their pipes. Accept the fact that pipes require eventual replacing, and be ready to hire someone to perform the work. Delays won’t help the cause, and neither will “speeding up” premature pipe replacement. Sometimes, avoidable and preventable factors contribute to prematurely replacing all or part of the pipes in a house. Making sure to avoid a few mistakes could preserve your pipes’ condition and help you to avoid premature replacement work.

Excessive Corrosion From Leaks

A slowly leaking pipe could suffer from rusting. Over time, the rusting could spring holes and create bigger leaks. Spreading moisture might lead to an increase in rust on connecting pipes. Addressing the leak, even a small one, at the earliest possible chance may preserve the pipes. Even if a small section requires replacement, replacing a small area would be better than requesting extensive pipe replacement work.

Don’t assume that a small leak is “no big deal.” Ignoring such problems generally lead to an unfavorable outcome. Don’t lose sight of the fact that smaller jobs become easier and less expensive to address.

Take Steps to Decrease the Chances of Pipes Bursting in the Winter

If you live in an area known for harsh winter weather, the chance exists that a home’s pipes may burst if the temperature drops below freezing. The furnace and thermostat should regulate temperature to keep it from falling below the danger zone.

When a problem arises with the HVAC system, a disaster could ensue during the winter season. If the furnace breaks down, controlling the temperature becomes impossible. Pipes could freeze and burst. Make sure to have a routine inspection performed on the furnace to ensure that the unit runs properly. Also, double-check the inside and outside shut-off valves. When pipes burst, someone has to shut off the water flow or else the interior could flood. Flooding occurs incredibly fast and dumps a lot of water in the home.

There are additional steps to take to reduce the chances of pipes bursting. Special insulation blankets wrapped around the pipes could help keep them warm. Investing in these covers could be an inexpensive and effective solution, and any steps to prevent burst pipes may be a good investment.

Be aware that besides replacing the burst pipes, there would likely be other damage occurring. Water cleanup services undoubtedly become necessary to restore the home to its original condition. Why go through all these hassles when preventive steps could potentially eliminate problems?

Look Into Water Softener Solutions

Issues with “hard water,” water with high mineral content, are often associated with drinking, doing dishes, and showering. However, hard water can also create problems for your plumbing system. The minerals inside your water could harden inside the pipes. These minerals may be harmless to humans. Iron, calcium, and magnesium generally won’t raise concerns. However, a collective of hardening minerals won’t be beneficial to a home’s pipes. Minerals stick to the surface of pipes, which can restrict water flow. Someone could turn the faucets on and notice that the pressure doesn’t seem right. The mineral “clogs” in the pipes are disrupting flow, and they require removal.

That’s why water-softening services exist. If you’ve already gone a long time without a water softener, a plumber can address problems with pipes running pressurized water. Granted, the plumber likely has to get to the pipes in time. The buildup might be so massive that the pipes must go. Dealing with the “hardness” of the water years earlier could have prevented the need to replace pipes.

A running theme reveals itself here: address a problem at the earliest stage and employ preventive maintenance. Doing so could eliminate issues before they take place. Get to the problem early, and you may have less of a problem.

Botched DIY Jobs

Anyone who attempts “amateur” pipe repair or replacement work could ruin things far worse. Both experience and skill factor significantly into performing the job safely. Sometimes, pipework requires a blow torch, and a novice could cause severe injuries operating a torch without the right training.

Let a professional plumber with the necessary experience, training, and certifications handle the tasks. Otherwise, things could turn out regrettable.

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Know the Age of the Pipes

The lifespan of your pipes depends on the materials used to make them. A cast iron drain could last upwards of 100 years. Copper pipes may last 75 years. Modern, cheaper PVC has a far shorter shelf life – as little as 25 years. You might not know how old the pipes are, but you can find out when the home was built. If the house is more than 100 years old, even cast-iron drains could approach their expiration date. A home that is 50 years old and has copper pipes likely doesn’t have to worry about age-related troubles unless neglect factors into things.

Step one involves ascertaining the metal or other material used to make the pipes. Then, find out the expected lifespan associated with the metal/material. Afterward, get a report on the condition of the pipes.

A side note here: Some old homes may still have lead pipes. Lead presents health hazards and should be removed and replaced without delay. Even if the pipes seem to be in good condition, it doesn’t matter. Lead is potentially dangerous.

Request an Annual Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing company may offer a service contract that involves inspections on an annual basis. Sometimes, the assessments might be once every two years. Regardless, the first inspection would likely come right away. Once a professional plumber performs the requisite examination, the homeowner may receive a proper assessment of the condition.

If the pipes look like they’re degrading, the homeowner can then take the necessary steps. Replacing the pipes may need to occur right away, or the plumber might provide a warning that service will become essential in the near future. No matter the assessment, at least you’ll know the situation with the pipes.

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