It is not too late to trade in your old, inefficient wood stove for a modern, high effeciency fireplace. Registration is open for the program on November 4 & 5 and then again on December 2 & 3 of this year. Below are the details of the program.

Open Registration Schedule for Greater Salt Lake City (Salt Lake Meridian Area)

Registration for awards on this webpage will take place on the following schedule:

  • October 2-3, 2019 at 6 a.m. for 100 awards
  • November 4-5, 2019 at 6 a.m. for 100 awards
  • December 2-3, 2019 at 6 a.m. for 100 awards

The first 100 registrants per month will subsequently receive a pre-application notice within a week after the registration closes, followed by a link to the online application.

Program Eligibility

Financial incentives are currently available for homeowners who reside within 6 radial miles of the Salt Lake Meridian who wish to:

  • Exchange an operational wood stove (including pellet) for a gas stove (natural gas or propane); or
  • Convert an operational fireplace to a gas fireplace (natural gas or propane). This program only applies to gas inserts, NOT gas logs; or
  • Convert an operational fireplace or wood stove to an electric appliance.

Program Area

6 Radial Miles of the Salt Lake Meridian

6 Radial Miles of the Salt Lake Meridian. Click for larger view (1 MB)

Check to see if your home is located within the program area

Program Summary

  • Limit 1 award per household.
  • Program does not apply to rental and commercial properties.
  • Retroactive projects are not eligible. You must have a valid award in hand before beginning this program.
  • Award recipients must use DAQ approved vendors. The award voucher includes a list of cooperating vendors.
  • Wood stoves must be removed and recycled by the program vendor.
Option Award Amount
Low-Income Households Non Low-Income Households
1 Converting a wood stove or fireplace to a propane or natural gas fueled appliance (program excludes gas logs). Up to $4,000 Up to $2,800
2 Converting a wood stove or fireplace to an electric appliance. Up to $2,000 Up to $1,000

Award covers the cost to:

  • Extend electricity and/or gas to the appliance within the house. The grant does not pay for electricity/gas line installation to the residence.
  • The new appliance and installation.

The grant Does Not pay for remodeling and finishing work.

Low-income Household Qualifications

Applicants may request low-income status if the total household adjusted gross income is equal to or below the levels below.

Number of Dependents Total Household Adjusted Gross Income
1 $31,225
2 $42,275
3 $53,325
4 $64,375
5 $75,425
6 $86,475
7 $97,525
8 $108,575
Additional dependent add $11,050

Program Instructions and Funding

Award voucher are valid for 30-days from the date of issuance unless the recipient enters into contract with a program approved vendor. Once you enter into contract with an approved vendor, you must give the vendor your award voucher for processing. The vendor will reduce the cost of the purchase per the DAQ award voucher at the time of purchase. Reimbursements are paid directly to the DAQ approved vendors.

The project must be completed within 100-days of receiving an award; otherwise, the award voucher is automatically voided.

Future Program News

This program will become available in remaining portions of Salt Lake and Davis counties, Box Elder, Utah and Weber counties in 2020-2021. Registration periods will be announced on this webpage in advance. Following, is a tentative schedule for 2020:

Box Elder

  • January 6-8 (25 Awards)
  • March 2-4 (25 Awards)
  • June 1-3 (25 Awards)


  • January 27-29 (25 Awards)
  • March 23-25 (25 Awards)
  • June 15-17 (25 Awards)


  • January 13-15 (25 Awards)
  • March 11-13 (25 Awards)
  • June 29-July 1 (25 Awards)

Salt Lake

  • February 3-5 (50 Awards)
  • April 6-8 (50 Awards)
  • July 13-15 (50 Awards)

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