At All Hours Plumbing, we’ve seen every leak that might be possible within your home’s plumbing. Our plumbers are on hand to help with everything from minor leaks to major concerns, and we have the expertise to handle each situation individually.

One situation many homeowners are unfamiliar with is a leak at the base of the toilet. In most cases, this means the toilet itself is leaking. Let’s look at the two most common reasons for this being the case, and what you can do about it.

Loose Tee Bolts

In many situations, the cause of a toilet leaking at the base is loose tee bolts. Know those plastic caps that sit around the base of your toilet? Those cover the tee bolts, which help hold the toilet down in place. When those bolts become loose or broken, the seal of the toilet can actually break – this can often be the cause of leaks.

In most cases, you can fix this easily. Simply reposition the toilet so it’s centered, then start tightening the bolts. If the bolts are broken or spin continuously, you’ll need to replace them.

Wax Ring

If you’ve examined the tee bolts and found that they’re not the issue, it’s likely your leak is being caused by the wax ring. This is a sealing element in your toilet that will need to be replaced. Some basic steps to follow if you choose to do this on your own:

  • Head to the department store and buy a new wax ring. If needed, bring a picture of the toilet’s base and ask a professional to help you find the right replacement.
  • Prep: Shut off the water to the toilet using the shut-off valve, and then flush it to remove standing water. Plunge the toilet to get rid of any remaining water.
  • Remove old ring: Unscrew the water supply line, and remove the tee bolts. You can now lift the toilet and remove the old wax ring, plus all wax leftover residue.
  • Install: Take the new ring and place it over the flange, with the tee bolts in place. Now reposition the toilet and screw the tee bolts back in place.

For more on this process or any of our other plumbing services, or to have our plumbers help with your leaking toilet base, speak to the pros at All Hours Plumbing today.