It’s the coldest time of the year, and staying warm in your home is a top priority as the snow starts falling. It’s time to make sure maintenance is up to date on heating and water systems, and time to make repairs if there are any issues.

For some people, it’s time to check on a boiler heating system. At All Hours Plumbing, boiler service is one of our specialties, and we employ expert technicians experienced with all boiler repair and service needs.

For some who haven’t heard of them, this will raise the question: What exactly is a boiler heating system? Let’s look at the basics, and how it can benefit your home.

Is a Boiler the Same as a Hot Water Heater?

No. In fact, while they both share the simple fact that they heat water, the purposes for which they do so couldn’t be much more different.

A hot water heater warms water in preparation to send it through pipes to a needed area in the home – sinks, showers and laundry. A boiler, though, heats water to much higher temperatures by literally boiling them, hence the name. It converts water into steam, which is used to heat a home.

What are Advantages of Steam in Heating?

There are several elements that make steam heating from a boiler more attractive than regular air for many people:

  • Denser than air – holds more heat
  • Lighter than water – can travel more quickly and without using as much energy
  • Green – often much friendlier to the environment
  • Efficient – boilers are on a closed loop system, meaning steam turns back into water and goes back into the boiler to be re-used once the heat has been extracted from it

Other Boiler Features

There are a few other draws to boilers as well:

  • User-friendly programming
  • Clean heating that doesn’t produce dust particles or other allergens
  • Can do many (or all) of the same jobs as a water heater – often, it can eliminate the need for a water heater
  • Quiet operation – virtually silent
  • Longevity – most systems will last a minimum of 10 years, and up to several decades

Want to learn more? All Hours Plumbing is a premier provider of boiler installation and maintenance, and of all other plumber services. Our service professionals are ready to assist you.