We all want to be warm in our homes, especially during the cold months of winter, and modern technology allows this to be possible in newer and more creative ways. One of these is radiant heat, a style of heating where panels on walls, floors and ceilings are used to heat rooms – sometimes in place of traditional furnaces or other heating systems, and sometimes in addition to these.

All Hours Plumbing is a licensed, professional installer of radiant heat systems across Salt Lake City. Our technicians are trained to pinpoint the best locations for your radiant heat panels before installing them with no hassle, and our products are designed to perform and last.

What are some of the benefits to installing radiant heat in place of (or in cohesion with) traditional heating and air?

Thermal Benefits

In many cases, radiant heat will be both more efficient and more practically useful than traditional heating systems. First off, the fact that they use less electricity than most other systems is a vital consideration for your wallet.

Maybe more importantly, though, radiant heat can be much more efficient. Rather than a system which directly heats the air, radiant heating warms the surfaces of objects in the room – this can lower heat loss for people in the room and allow them to feel completely comfortable at temperatures 3 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit lower than traditional heating methods.

Out of Mind

Radiant heating systems are both out of sight and generally silent, important considerations for many public buildings or for people looking to minimize invasiveness in the home. No one wants to be looking at a furnace while they eat dinner or watch TV, and certainly no one wants to be kept up at night by a loud heating system.


Because of the way radiant heat systems are designed, they’re generally extremely durable. Panels are typically concrete or another very strong material, and at All Hours Plumbing, we make sure to properly insulate your slabs to make sure they don’t receive any damage from elements.

Clean and Green

Many traditional heating systems spread dust or allergens through your house – this isn’t an issue with radiant heat, which creates only very gentle room circulation through the panels and is much easier on people with common allergy symptoms.

On a larger scale, radiant heat systems can be great for the environment. They maximize heating efficiency by warming the correct areas of rooms and severely limiting heat loss or waste. As fuel and energy costs continue to rise, radiant heat and similar systems will become even more popular.

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