Within the world of plumbing, there’s no doubt there are a number of possible problems. Everything from water damage to major clogs can cause issues around a home or business, and at All Hours Plumbing, we’re here to keep you protected from these issues wherever possible.

Unfortunately, all the complexities of the plumbing world have led to several common myths about plumbing – some of which invent new problems that don’t even really exist! Let’s look at a few of these myths, and set the record straight.

Toilet Flow

There’s a decent chance you’ve heard our most common myth before: “Water drains in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere!”

No, it doesn’t. The Coriolis force, which is caused by the earth’s rotation, has very little impact on the water in your toiler. Draining water depends on the structure of the plumbing itself – there are special situations where these structures might indeed cause certain toilets or tubs to flow in the other direction from what you’re used to, but the hemisphere you’re in doesn’t play a role here.


Some people tend to think that a plunger can fix any clog in the system, no matter what. They’re very effective for many smaller clogs, but for some larger ones, they can even make things worse. For a large backup that won’t immediately respond to plunging, don’t push it – call the experts before you inflict more damage.

Lightning and Pipes

There’s a common myth that lightning can’t travel through pipes, but this is false. Metal piping can conduct lightning, and water does the same. If there’s a major storm in your area, it’s a good idea to refrain from taking a bath or shower just to be safe.


Flushing a goldfish that’s died is fine in most cases, but take very special care not to do so while one is still alive. Live goldfish can live while passing through an entire sewer system, but they can create major changes to the ecosystem – they become oversized giants and reproduce at insane rates, which can cause additional issues.

Leaky Faucet

That leaky faucet isn’t much of an issue, right? After all, it’s only dripping every now and then, and a drip isn’t that much.

Wrong. If your faucet leaked one drop per second for the next year, you’d waste over 2,000 gallons of water before it was all said and done. Even a small leak can benefit greatly from service to prevent water loss, and a rise in utility bills.

Want to help correct more plumbing myths, or interested in any of our other plumbing services? Contact the plumbers at All Hours Plumbing today.