No one wants an inexperienced or unlicensed professional assisting them with any important task, especially not any plumbing services. You call a plumbing company like All Hours Plumbing because of our consistent track record for excellence, and because our service technicians bring expertise and experience to your home.

What are some of the risks of relying on a plumber who isn’t experienced, or doesn’t have the proper licensing or expertise in an important area? Here are some of the key issues you might run into.

Weak Pipe Structure

Pipe structure, or the status of connections and basic placement of your pipes, is one of the foundational elements of your home’s plumbing. Pipes need to be strong, and so do their connections with each other. Any issues here, however minor, could lead to long term problems with leaks, water damage and other significant issues.

An inexperienced plumber handling pipe installation might not know how to properly build or connect certain structures, and this could be a problem you don’t find out about until much later – when only costly repairs can fix the issue.

Loose Pipes

Some of the largest drainage issues around a given home take place due to pipes that were improperly put together, or improperly fitted in the first place. This will lead to both noise and practicality issues, and again, could be something that no one becomes aware of until later, when repairs require busting through walls or other invasive procedures.


Down these same lines, hidden leaks often become a problem with an inexperienced contractor. They improperly build or fit pipes, then deem the area ready to go, leading to walls or other structures being finalized around the pipes. This can make detecting leaks very difficult, and water damage will often have long periods of time to pool and worsen in these areas. This can weaken the home’s foundation and cause irreparable damage.

Incomplete Services

Perhaps the worst of all these issues is regularly incomplete services completed by inexperienced technicians. Maybe this is just a valve that isn’t turned well enough, but maybe it’s a more serious issue like a pipe not properly sealed in a tough-to-reach area. Skipping or missing steps can be a major problem during plumbing installation or repairs, and it’s simply more likely to happen if you’re dealing with someone who isn’t reputable in a given area.

To speak to plumbers who get it right every time due to experience and reputation, call the experts at All Hours Plumbing today.