A faulty boiler can cause many types of problems, from increased utility bills to potential safety hazards. Keeping tabs on your boiler for signs of malfunction can help you catch problems before they escalate. Many people will only call a plumber to look at their boiler when the malfunction gets too spectacular too ignore any longer. At this point, repairs are likely to be very costly or even impossible, necessitating the purchase of a new boiler. Knowing the signs that your boiler might need a check-up by a professional is a good way to keep costs down and minimize the disruption to your household.

  1. Metallic Smell

If you notice that your boiler has a metallic smell coming from it, you should call a professional right away. A strong odor of metal can be a sign of potentially hazardous conditions such as leakage of oil or gas. It is crucial for any such leaks to be repaired immediately.

  1. Water Leakage

Water pooling around or dripping from your boiler is another indication that a check-up is needed. While this is not an emergency condition, water that aggregates around the boiler causes increased fuel consumption and will add to your bill.

  1. Clunking Noises

Clunking or banging noises from your boiler are also likely to be signs of trouble. These noises are often caused by obstructions such as iron deposits, which cause the water to be distributed unequally and are likely to lead to eventual failure to function. Another likely consequence is overheating, which can create a safety hazard in addition to malfunction.

  1. Older Boiler

Finally, especially if you have an older boiler, regular checkups and maintenance are key to keeping it working for many years. Taking good care of your boiler can save you having to replace it for a long time. Although the typical lifetime of most well-maintained boilers is around twenty years, with good care and service it is possible to keep yours working even longer.