While most pet owners enter their situation understanding that owning a pet comes with a few extra responsibilities, some forget one major area where things might change: Your HVAC system. Pet hair and dander on furniture and in the air can affect your climate control system, and there are a few special areas you should consider differently.

At All Hours Plumbing, we’re here to help. Here are a few special considerations you should make when it comes to preventing major furnace service as a pet owner.

Filters and Ducts

If you have one or more pets that shed in your home, you should be checking your furnace filters more often than the manufacturing guidelines suggest. Filters will often become clogged with hair, plus pet skin cells and other debris. Some pet owners find success changing to reusable filters that can be changed with a garden hose.

In addition, small particles from pets will circulate through the ducts. At least once every two years, have one of our HVAC specialists inspect your ductwork and clean it if needed. This will help deodorize your home and keep the air indoors as fresh as possible.

Pet Cleanliness

A good way to control pet dander and hair is by cleaning it directly off your pet’s body. Use brushes designed specifically for hair removal, or schedule regular grooming sessions for your pet.

Home Cleanliness

The home should be clean along with your pet. A simple vacuum can go a long way to stopping hair and dander from ever reaching the furnace or ducts – vacuum every couple days to be safe, or more frequently if you have multiple pets or pets that shed heavily.

Thermostat Considerations

We all want our pets to stay comfortable, but remember that pets like dogs and cats are perfectly safe and cozy in a wider temperature range than humans. You don’t have to leave your thermostat at 70 degrees for eight hours a day while you go to work – you can lower it as low as 65 degrees in winter, or leave it as high as 80 degrees in summer. Your pets will be totally unconcerned.

For more furnace considerations for pet owners, or to learn about any of our furnace service or installation offerings, speak to the pros at All Hours Plumbing today.