When you’re in search of a plumber in Utah, it can sometimes be hard to know who to hire. Searching online gives you plenty of results in the local area, but how can you know which ones are honest and provide high quality work, and which ones don’t? Here are some ways you can spot the best plumbers.


Ask Other Professionals Who They Recommend


Word-of-mouth referrals are often one of the best sources to find quality plumbers because they are based on someone’s personal experience. Even when you don’t know someone who can provide you with a personal recommendation for a plumber, you can ask other professionals who they might recommend. If you know a general contractor, or a remodeling contractor, chances are they have worked with some of the local plumbers and can provide you with good recommendations, or they will know who has a reputation for cutting corners and should be avoided. You can also read online reviews or ask the company for references from past customers.


Look for Licensing and Insurance


Perhaps the best way to spot an honest contractor is to find one that is licensed and carriers the right level of insurance. Dishonest contractors or plumbers might try to sneak by without getting licensing, or may want to avoid licensing because they want to avoid potential sanctions, fines, or problems if customers report them to the licensing office. A good contractor won’t be afraid of these things and will have a current license plus all applicable liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


Find the Locals


Local plumbers in Salt Lake City that have a physical address and phone number in your area are often going to be a safe bet because they are part of your community. Providing high quality work at a fair price means repeat business for them, while cutting corners and ripping people off will lead to a bad reputation.


Check Their History


You might be tempted to hire a plumber that gives you a really low bid over the phone, but before you pull the trigger, check into how long they have been in business. If they have only been around a short time, they might not have as much experience, or worse, they could be the type of company that operates under several different names or keeps changing its name to try and avoid bad reviews. Find someone that has been in business for a long time to make sure you get quality work done.


It’s not hard to find a quality plumber, but you do need to make sure you know how to spot the signs of a good one so you can avoid getting poor quality work or overpaying for plumbing services in Salt Lake City.