For those who live in a home that still uses baseboard heating elements, you’ll regularly deal with a boiler to help power this system. A boiler is a closed element that helps heat water, with several different types and styles available.

At All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air, we have a wide range of boiler repair and installation services available for all our clients. All boiler systems should have regular maintenance done, and a good time to do this is often in the late summer or early fall before winter takes hold. Let’s look at some of the simple maintenance areas you should be considering when it comes to your home’s boiler.


Boilers are considered pieces of machinery, in that they have moving parts inside them that are powered by an outside source. Think about other machines with similar moving parts that repeat their motions over and over again – consider a car, for instance. Vehicle oil is vital because it keeps these parts lubricated and prevents any grinding or wearing, and this same theme can be found in your boiler.

At least once a year, and likely more often, regularly check your boiler to make sure parts like the fan, pump or motor are all properly lubricated. This will lower their risk of wearing down or even breaking.

Water Level

Boilers have a standard expected water level at which they perform optimally, and this level is usually drawn into the unit in a fairly obvious place. You should be checking this level at least once or twice a month, and especially before a new winter season. Water levels that are too low will lead to inefficient performance, and if you let things go long enough that the boiler has no water in it at all, boiler parts are at risk of major damage.

Dust Removal

Over the summer periods when it isn’t in use as often or at all, the boiler may accumulate dust like other household items. Be sure to check and clear dust buildups a couple times during the summer, plus at least once every two weeks leading into fall and winter. The fan and motor are two areas that are at especially high risk of dust buildups damaging their functionality.

Yearly Service

You can accomplish much of the above on your own, but it’s still important to have yearly boiler maintenance from our pros. We can pick up issues that the untrained eye simply can’t, from parts functioning sub-optimally to leaks and other issues you may not recognize the signs of. To keep your boiler lasting years into the future, regular service is vital.

To learn more about boiler maintenance, or for information on any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the pros at All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air today.