When it comes to the toilets in your home, plungers can be a homeowner’s best friend. The plunger can make the difference between you being able to fix a basic clog on your own and having to spend money on residential plumbing services, so it’s a vital element to have.

At All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air, our pros can help you out by showing you a few different styles of plunger and what they’re best for. Here are the three most common plunger styles you’ll find, and what their basic functions are.

Cup Plunger

Also called the Sink Saver, the cup plunger is the standard plunger most homeowners are used to seeing. This plunger actually works best on a standard kitchen or bathroom sink – this is what it was first designed for, hence the name. But it also works well for basic bathtub and toilet clogs, so most homeowners only have a single cup plunger in their homes.

Do be aware, however, that a cup plunger can create a bit of a strange seal around certain toilet drains. If you have regular clogging issues with your toilet, one of the other models might be best.

Flange Plunger

Also called Team Toilet, the flange plunger is generally the best option for toilet clogs. It comes with an extra flap of rubber located around the cup, which allows a complete seal around the opening. This allows for a total blockage of air to be involved in your unclogging process.

Accordion Plunger

Don’t confuse this one with a musical instrument – the accordion plunger is less common than our other types, and can be tougher to use. It’s made out of plastic as well, meaning you have to be careful to avoid scratching the toilet bowl. It comes with a much larger head that’s meant to fit into the toilet area.

For more on the right kind of plunger to use, or to learn about any of our residential plumbing services, speak to the pros at All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air today.