The ideal temperature keeps you and everyone else in your home or business comfortable, and you’re sure to notice when your HVAC system is on the fritz. You can keep yourself from freezing or sweltering inside of your property by taking proper care of your HVAC system. Use these suggestions to keep your system in working order and get as much use out of your system as possible.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Have a professional come out and inspect your HVAC system in the spring and fall to make sure everything is in order for the summer and winter season. This is also a good way to learn if there are minor problems that should be taken care of in order that you can avoid a sudden breakdown and the sudden expense that comes with it.

Do a Monthly Check on Your Air Filter

An air filter that’s in good condition is better able to allow air to flow through your vents, which means your system performs efficiently. Depending on its condition, you may have to either clean or replace your filter to keep your cooling and heating costs low.

Remove Outside Debris

Check your property’s exterior to make sure there aren’t any branches, weeds, leaves, plants or other debris crowding your condenser and the rest of your outdoor unit. A soft broom and a hose are great for clearing debris and washing the condenser unit, both of which improve your unit’s efficiency.

Check Your Furnace Flame

Before you start to regularly use your furnace, check to ensure the flame is the right color. The idea hue is a clear blue, and the flame should burn steadily. If you look and see the flame is yellow or orange or flickers, there could be a problem that requires the attention of an experienced technician.

Be sure to add these tips to your home or business maintenance plan. Foresight goes a long way in preventing financial fallout.