Perhaps the most common reason we’re called upon for our emergency plumbing services at All Hours Plumbing is water damage. Whether in the home or business, water damage can create significant issues – both in the cost and health realms.

What are some of the main culprits in creating water damage in the home? Let’s look at a few, and how you can avoid them to prevent significant water damage repairs.

Broken Pipes and Hoses

This is the most common reason for water damage, both in the home or in commercial buildings. A burst water main, old pipes or damaged supply hoses to various water-related items are often the underlying reasons here – water damage can even be caused by ice-maker supply lines that fail. Regular maintenance for pipes and hoses is recommended to help ward off water damage.


Sitting just behind broken pipes and hoses on the common water damage causes list is various accidents. These are mostly home issues – things like overflowing bathtubs, broken toilets and other issues caused directly by human error. These are most common with children around, so anyone with small children should take extra care to watch all water-related items.

Sewer Back Up

Sewer lines flow well outside your house, and there are obstacles that may cause a blockage in certain areas. These are often tree roots or branches – trees want water, and they may grow close to a source if they sense it. There are several enzyme drain treatments available that will help reduce the likelihood of this happening to you.

Basement Humidity

Mostly due to pressure buildup over time and aging infrastructure, humidity built up in the basement of certain homes can grow large enough to create water damage issues. Smaller issues here can use a dehumidifier to help, but larger ones may require professional waterproofing.

Flash Floods

These are less common, but they can occur in areas that don’t typically expect flooding – usually due to extreme weather or other circumstances.

Want to learn more about water damage and its signs, or interested in finding out about any of our other pluming services? Our technicians at All Hours Plumbing are waiting to assist you.