As the manager of any commercial building can tell you, commercial plumbing is often an entirely different animal than residential plumbing. Many of our most common emergency plumbing calls at All Hours Plumbing involve issues in a commercial building.

As a building manager, staying proactive in checking for problems and providing basic maintenance is vital, and we’re here to help. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues present in commercial buildings, and how you can help avoid them.


Basic leaks of faucets and other water fixtures are common in larger buildings where there are dozens of these features. Unfixed leaks can cost your business thousands of gallons of water and the corresponding monetary cost, and even worse, water damage might cause structural damage that can take a huge chunk out of your budget. Regular basic checks on all faucets and other water sources can catch these issues before they become serious.

Water Temperature Issues

Water heaters often have problems in the home where they’re only servicing a few people, so it stands to reason that they also often have issues in larger buildings with much more stress on them. This often materializes in the form of water that’s too hot or too cold in faucets. If you’re having consistent issues with a water heater, a basic maintenance call to a commercial plumber like All Hours Plumbing will clear your problem up before it causes larger damage.


There are lots of people in most commercial spaces, which means more potential for clogs in toilets or drains as they’re used more often. Signs here will usually include slow draining and a constant need for plunging in toilets. If you hear employees make these complaints or start noticing them yourselves, take steps to determine the source of the problem.


For all of these areas plus any other less common plumbing issues in commercial buildings, the name of the game is regular maintenance. It comes at a small cost, yes, but this is an expense that’s well worth it relative to the alternative: The potential for serious, incredibly costly plumbing issues if problems are left unattended. You’re better off safe than sorry, especially if you’re the one in charge of managing a commercial office building.

For commercial and residential plumbing needs large and small, the experts at All Hours Plumbing are here to serve you. Speak with one of our agents today.