Plumbing emergencies can dampen any homeowner’s day, not to mention eat away at their budget. Homeowners deserve good value for their hard-earned money, so they need a reliable fast emergency plumber in Salt Lake City to deal with the serious problems. Angie’s List contributor Elizabeth Dunn offers some useful tips when hiring emergency plumbing service.


Inquire about hourly rates and see if the plumber can give an estimate over the phone. Many plumbers will not give an estimate without seeing the problem, but you can ask for a ballpark figure for your particular problem.

Some emergency plumbers also charge a service call in addition to the hourly rate and parts. This charge applies if they come to your home whether they fix the problem or not.

Ask what forms of payment they will accept. Some plumbers take credit cards, but others will only take checks.”

For some homeowners— especially those unfamiliar with their plumbing systems—everything from a failed dishwasher to a toilet that doesn’t fill up with water fast enough is an emergency. While these issues do need attention, homeowners can afford to have them fixed the next day or so. By contrast, here are issues that actually need emergency service:

Clogged up toilet

A toilet is one of the most frequently used fixtures at home, making it prone to problems. A blocked toilet is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored because of the health risks it presents, especially when the toilet water begins to overflow. There are DIY ways to unclog a toilet, starting with the use of a plunger; for best results, however, it’s advisable to hire emergency plumbers like the ones from All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air.

A burning smell in the boiler

Over time, dust, debris, and other combustibles build up inside the boiler, making it essential to schedule maintenance at least once a year. However, when homeowners fail to maintain their boiler, it will end up producing a burning smell. This will precede a malfunction, which could result in a possible fire hazard. Homeowners will need someone who provides expert boiler repair in Salt Lake City to solve this.

Burst pipes

The average winter temperatures in Utah range between 40 to 50 degrees, making uninsulated pipes prone to bursting. Burst pipes are not a problem that can wait. While this issue is common during winter, it can also occur during summer when severe heat dries the ground and cause pipes to shift around.

To minimize plumbing service expenses, homeowners should know how to classify when a problem is an emergency or not. They should remember that similar to medical situations, there are problems that can wait and there are problems that most certainly cannot.

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