For home and business owners alike, water damage is one of the biggest potential plumbing concerns out there. It can damage everything from walls to floors, and can lead to the growth of mold and other potential health hazards.

At All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air, we offer the most comprehensive water damage repair services out there. We need your help as well, though – you are the one who will have to identify the signs of the damage, and the earlier you do so, the better chance you can get out without a big expense. Let’s look at some signs of water damage, and how to spot them.

Walls and Floors

Signs of water damage will often appear visibly on walls or floors of your home or business. It’s common to find bits of water pooled up near the water heater, but also in other locations. Check around windows and door frames for stains, which could signal a leaky pipe. If you have drywall, check for cracks. Water damage may also cause swelling and softness in the walls.

On the floor, it can cause warping and buckling – it’s one of the most common causes of this, so if you see it anywhere, water damage is a potential problem. Also beware of the smell of dampness or mold.


Wherever there’s visible piping in the house, it’s good to check it periodically. You’re looking for any corrosion like rust around the connections, plus any leaks or water stains you can find. Also inspect caulking around fixtures in the bathroom – missing caulking could be a sign of water seeping in. If there is any missing grout or signs of mold, these could be signals of a problem. The same goes for if the water heater itself has any rust on it, or wet spots on the floor.

Basement and Attic

Basements are probably the most common areas you’ll find leaks – water flows downward naturally, after all. Check for odors, stains, mildew and mold. Also look for rust or major dampness.

In the attic, you’re looking for similar things in different places. Check the areas where roof planes come together, as water can leak in from outside. Check the insulation is dry and well maintained, and check for ice on the roof during the colder months. Part of this includes checking the exterior of the home for ice and other invasive moisture.

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