In many cases of emergency plumbing need, perhaps the most important factor of all is the response time of the plumbers you call. At All Hours Plumbing, we pride ourselves in a fast response time to prevent any major issues from becoming larger problems than they need to be.

Within several of the most common plumbing areas, how can a quick response time make the difference between a minor issue and a major one? Let’s take a look.


Often caused by water damage or leaks, mold is a big reason to handle plumbing emergencies immediately and with haste. Mold flourishes in damp conditions and can spread relatively undetected behind cabinets, walls, tiles and in other hidden areas. The longer mold is allowed to flourish, it will grow exponentially – this is more than a “doubles every day” type of situation. If mold is detected, immediate service to stop its spread is vital.

Water Damage

Anytime water leaks into the home, the risk of water damage presents itself. This is another issue that will grow worse if it’s not addressed immediately – instead of a basic leak or a small cleanup, you might be forced to replace drywall, flooring and other materials damaged. At the very first sign of any significant water damage, immediately turn off water supply and contact our plumbers to correct the damage.

Water Waste

Down similar lines, water waste is also an important item to prevent. Even a single minute of significant leaking can waste large amounts of water over time if there are repeated issues, which will cost you on your utility bill and also harm the environment.

Personal Safety

It’s important to remember that certain plumbing issues can be more than an inconvenience – they can be a threat to personal safety. Water damage in particular can lead to issues ranging from mold to electrical shocks, and extreme caution is needed in these situations. Above all else, remember to take safety precautions and call your local plumber right away.

For more information on handling emergency plumbing issues, or to find out about any of our other plumbing services, speak to the experts at All Hours Plumbing today.