It’s still the middle of winter, and when you think about your home’s heating and air issues, you’re thinking about how to stay warm. At All Hours Plumbing, our technicians are here to help you accomplish that goal throughout the colder months.

We’re also here to give you a free tip: It’s never too early to be planning for the next season even as you get through this one. In this case, we’re talking about air conditioning – it may still be cold, but if you’re even considering a replacement or new AC installation, there are several reasons why this time of year might be best for you. Let’s look at a few.

Ease of Installation

There are many situations where it will be much easier for us to install your air conditioner in winter than during the summer. Especially if we’ll be working in an attic or any other cramped area of the home, temperatures in the heart of summer can be sweltering and very difficult to work in.

It’s not like there’s snow inside your home or anything, and the ability to work in standard temperatures can actually make your AC installation much simpler during the winter.

Early Season Issues

Let’s say you’re on the fence about replacing your air conditioner, but you decide to wait it out and give it a try at the beginning of the summer season before making any decisions. This may seem prudent, but let’s say it works fine for a few weeks before breaking down in, say, late June – where are you at now? You’re stick in an inhumanly hot home, paying more for emergency services to come handle your problem right away. If you had gotten your system checked out and replaced back in winter, you’d have avoided this discomfort plus these extra charges.

Cost Benefits

There are potential cost benefits all over the map if you install an AC during winter. For starters, that ease of installation we mentioned above might get you a slightly lower rate, and many manufacturers of AC units will offer partial rebates if you purchase at this time of year.

You’re also getting out in front of any maintenance costs you may incur by waiting until your current machine breaks down. In addition, we offer several special deals specifically meant for these down months. The right planning can save you a boatload of money on a process you likely would have gone through anyway.

Want to learn more about AC installation, or any of our heating and air solutions? The experts at All Hours Plumbing are standing by to assist you.