At All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air, water damage is one of the issues we’re most experienced with. Our expert technicians offer water damage repair and cleanup for a variety of causes and severities, with the expertise to get you and your family back into a healthy home as soon as humanly possible.

Before we can fix your water damage issues, though, it’s up to you to locate them if they’re present in the home. Here are a few telltale signs of water damage to help you keep an eye out:

Basement and Attic Water

As we know, water naturally flows downward with gravity no matter where it is. For this reason, the basement is often where the first signs of water damage will begin to present themselves. You may notice pooling water, often alongside a damp or musky odor. You may see mold, mildew or rust building up – try and track whether mold amounts remain the same or continue to grow.

You’re looking for similar things in the attic, though with different reasons behind them. A leaky roof or faulty insulation can let water in and cause some of the same issues as in the basement, though there are times where water will even leak through another layer and make itself known to you on the main or upper floor.

Walls and Floors

In addition to windows and doorways, walls and floors will often show visible signs of water damage or leakage in the home. Cracks, swelling or general softness may appear on drywall, and floors may show warping characteristics. This is often runoff from leaky pipes elsewhere.


Speaking of pipes, it’s a good idea to check the visible areas here every so often. You’re looking for rust anywhere near the connections or elbows, and you’re definitely looking for pooled water or any leaks. Check near the water heater to be sure it’s not leaking, and also check caulking around water features like the sink and shower. If you find any missing or worn down caulking, this could be a sign that water is leaking through. Mold and grout will also be a telltale sign.

Want to learn more about spotting water damage, or interested in any of our other plumbing services? Speak to the experts at All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air today.