When it comes to toilets, the plumbers at All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air are your go-to experts. There’s no toilet issue we haven’t seen or dealt with, and no brand or toilet type we aren’t prepared to help you with anytime you’re in need as part of our comprehensive plumbing services.

We’re also here to help you avoid any toilet issues that may arise over time, and the simplest strategy here is to regularly clean the toilet to make sure various buildups don’t create problems. Here are some basic steps to cleaning a toilet on your own using nothing but simple cleaning products and a little elbow grease.

Step #1: Clean Area

Before taking any cleaning steps, remove any items in the area. This includes items on top of the toilet tank, which will be part of our cleaning process here. Get plungers safely out of the way, and move toilet paper and all holders so they aren’t splashed or contacted by cleaners.

Step #2: Apply Solution

From here, place the lid down on the toilet and flush it. After this, get your cleaner ready – you can find basic toilet bowl cleaners at any store, and we recommend low-abrasive cleaners that are gentle on porcelain.

Finally, add the cleaner to the inside of the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes while you take care of other steps. The closer you can get your cleaner to the top rim of the toilet, the better clean you’ll get.

Step #3: Clean Exterior

Start at the top of the toilet’s exterior, using a basic cleaning spray and wipes, and begin cleaning while moving downward. Don’t forget about important areas like the lid and handle. Clean the entire outside of the toilet, from the top of the tank down to the base.

Step #4: Toilet Seat

Once you’re done with the exterior, it’s time to get into the grimier parts of this job. Lift the seat and spray all contacted areas – under the seat, the toilet rim, and the toilet lid. Repeat your spraying and wiping procedures until all these areas are sparkling, including the area behind the toilet seat between it and the tank. Also be sure to clean the hinges so they don’t develop grime over time.

Step #5: Toilet Bowl

The steps in between applying your cleaning solution and now should have given the solution ample time to sink in. Using either a toilet scrub or a wide sponge, scrub the toilet bowl starting under the rim and working your way down. Once you’ve hit all areas, close the lid and flush the toilet.

Step #6: Toilet Tank

Many people pass over the toilet tank when cleaning. But while it’s true you may not have to clean it as often as the rest of the toilet, it should still get your attention.

For more on properly cleaning a home toilet, or to learn about any of our plumbing or HVAC services, speak to the staff at All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air today.