With summer in full swing and travel plans to Salt Lake City attractions like Big Cottonwood Canyon all set, the last thing homeowners want is to spend on solutions for any plumbing issues they might have. Thus, they are likely to take the DIY route. However, Colleen Casey, a writer for WallStCheatSheet.com, warns that going DIY is not always a good idea.

In general, it is best to rule out trying any extensive plumbing or electrical work on your own. Not only are there unforeseeable dangers with each, but should something go wrong, you will end up paying to fix both the original problem and the new issue. Minor fixes, like installing dimmer switches or hooking up a sink, can probably be tackled in an afternoon with detailed guides.

Homeowners have numerous DIY-focused websites to turn to when it comes to tackling plumbing problems. However, they should keep in mind that if something goes wrong, they can expect to pay more for what they hoped to save. A good way to be smart with money is to find an affordable SLC plumber to save on plumbing service expenses. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Ask for an estimate over the phone

Homeowners should request an estimate over the phone first so they can prepare their budget. Why over the phone? Doing so is also a good way to gauge plumbers’ customer service. If plumbers are not willing to give an estimate over the phone and instead insist on an in-home estimate, they are more focused on getting money than helping the customer.

Get everything in writing

When homeowners are satisfied with the estimate given over the phone, it is now time to get everything in writing. In this regard, the plumbers will have to go over and inspect the problem personally. This will allow them to provide accurate costs, which they will put in their contract.

Offer to buy the replacement parts

It’s unusual for a homeowner to buy the replacement parts, but it’s fine. This is especially true for those homeowners with gift cards or discount coupons from home improvement stores. To avoid any misunderstanding, the necessary replacement parts should be written down on paper with complete details including brand and model.

When it comes to plumbing, it’s best to let the professionals handle the job. However, you’ll need to learn how to find a good plumber in Salt Lake City who can provide quality service without costing you an arm and a leg. Homeowners may not need to look any further than plumbing specialists like the ones from All Hours Plumbing SLC, who are committed to giving honest prices and quality service to customers.

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