Water conservation is an important plumbing element for many people in today’s day and age, and one of the primary technological advances that’s helped this along is the advent of the low-flow toilet. At All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air, our technicians have the expertise to service any issues you have with these toilets.

Low-flow toilets are great for saving water and money, but there are also a few usage recommendations you should take heed of to ensure you don’t deal with a clogged toilet or other plumbing issues. Here are a few tips for preventing any issues with low-flow toilets.

Running Water

If you have a low-flow toilet but your home’s main sewer line was never adjusted for the new flow levels, a precaution to take involves running other non-toilet water appliances for a bit of extra time initially. This will allow water levels throughout the plumbing system to even out – try running an empty load of laundry or running the house outside on the plants for an extra minute or two. This will raise the float level of toilet drains, and push any debris out of the system.

Large Flush

Down similar lines, a tactic called a “large flush” can have the same kind of effect on leveling water. Fill a bucket with water and add this to the toilet – this will cause it to manually flush itself, and push water through. This method should only be used if you’re sure there are no clogs in the system, however, as doing it with a clog present will cause an overflow.

Toilet Paper

If you’re typically a fan of fluffy, heavy toilet paper, it might be time to find a new favorite with a low-flow toilet. These kinds of paper absorb more than typical rolls, and combined with limited water, this can lead to sitting issues where absorbent tissue fails to move through the system as it was intended. If you notice these concerns, consider a lighter and less fluffy toilet paper.

Extra Items

Nothing but toilet paper should go in any toilet, including low-flow toilets. Anything absorbent could create a clog itself, or could create a debris collection area that leads directly to a clog. Keep a wastebasket for anything but toilet paper.

To find out more about maintaining low-flow toilets or any of our other plumbing services, speak to the pros at All Hours Plumbing, Heating & Air today.