A plumber could know everything about your plumbing habits, good or bad, just by looking at your plumbing system. Based on the problem they came to fix, they will know precisely how you caused it, despite what you say.

Mold in the Bathroom

If you have a plumber come for a repair and they see mold, they will instantly know that you take long showers at high temperatures. The amount of steam increases as the temperature of the water goes up.

The lengthier showers you take, the longer steam and moisture will sit in the room. If you do this often and especially when you don’t run an exhaust fan, mold will grow in your bathroom at a quicker pace.

Slow Draining Bath

Most often when you have a slow-moving drain, hair is the reason. Whether someone in the home has long hair or a lot of body hair, it will accumulate in the drain pipe, causing blockages.

To avoid drain clogs caused from hair build up, get a drain guard. Any hair that comes out in the shower will gather over the drain guard to be easily whipped clean after each bath or shower.

Soap can collect and build up in the pipes also, so try to use as little as possible.

Frequently Clogged Toilets

While toilets will clog every now and then, it should not be backing up numerous times a week. If clogs are happening regularly, it is likely that you are using your toilet to flush items other than toilet paper.

Plumbing is not designed to handle paper towels, wipes, cotton swabs, or toiletry packaging. Put a garbage can in your bathroom and throw your trash in there.

When there is a need for a plumbing repair, the plumber will typically know how the issue came about. It would be a good idea to listen to your plumber’s advice and adjust your habits accordingly, moving away from having these problems in the future.