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If you are like most homeowners, you crank your air conditioner up as the days get longer and temperatures rise. Air conditioners run at peak levels throughout the summer season and with good reason. Unfortunately, running your A/C unit more regularly could increase the number of breakdowns you experience throughout the year. That’s why you must get a summer tune-up before the season begins.

Air conditioner maintenance is something you hear about, but is it THAT important? Ask any seasoned homeowner about the HVAC unit, and they might tell you about the cost of their most recent repair. But, what they might forget to mention is that a summer tune-up could have saved them a healthy chunk of change.

Not only can a summer tune-up save you money, but it might be the answer to all your HVAC woes. Here are a few reasons why our technicians recommend you make an HVAC tune-up part of your summer-starter routine.

All the Reasons Why Your HVAC Needs a Summer Tune-Up:

Tune-Ups Help Your System Run Smoothly All Year

By the time you kick your HVAC system into full gear, it probably hasn’t run for a couple of months. You can’t expect any appliance that you haven’t turned on in a while to run at peak efficiency, let alone a big system like an A/C.

Let’s put this into a clearer perspective. Imagine you have an extra car in your garage that you haven’t driven in a year or two. You wouldn’t hop in, start the engine, and take a long road trip without taking it to the mechanic for a tune-up. Without giving the car a top-of-the-line inspection, you run the risk of breaking down halfway to your destination. Your HVAC system is exactly the same.

If you expect to run your air conditioner at its fullest capacity this summer, you will need a tune-up to get things running smoothly from the start. Or, you could end up operating your A/C unit at a lower capacity all summer long or have a costly repair before the season ends.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Decreases Repair Costs

Getting a summer tune-up for your HVAC system decreases the chances of running into a significant repair down the road. While some repairs can come out of the left-field, regular maintenance could help technicians catch problems before they get out of hand.

Tune-ups won’t stop all AC problems from happening, but it could help technicians detect small issues that cost less to fix before the costly breakdowns occur. By getting a summer tune-up, you will most likely decrease the costs of repairs and help prevent bigger, more expensive repairs in the future.

A/C Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty in Good Standing

Most new air conditioners come with a warranty, but that warranty doesn’t cover everything (even if you think it does). Check your warranty certificate. The chances are that your warranty requires you to keep the system properly maintained.

Don’t believe us? Grab your warranty certificate and take a look. You can usually find the warranty clause under a section called “Eligibility Requirements,” “Exclusions,” or something similar.

What this clause explains is that the manufacturer won’t provide replacement parts unless a licensed HVAC technician regularly maintains your air conditioner. The reason these HVAC manufacturers include this policy is they know a well-maintained system won’t need as many repairs, saving them money.

Be smart and keep your warranty policy alive and well by giving your HVAC system the maintenance it needs.

HVAC Summer Tune-Ups Help Your Unit Last Longer

Having your air conditioning system regularly maintained will also extend its life. Not only does it lead to fewer repairs, but it helps the A/C unit run efficiently longer than it would without maintenance. On the flip side, failing to keep up with your HVAC maintenance and your system’s lifespan can dramatically decrease in years.

During your HVAC summer tune-up, our licensed technicians will check every inch of your unit, ensuring that everything is running in tip-top shape. If there is something that needs fixing, they will bring it to your attention. These short and straightforward HVAC check-ups will help it run at a higher efficiency throughout its lifespan. Keeping your air conditioner maintained in this way will give you the assurance you need to run it all summer long.

A/C Tune-Ups Save You Money by Decreasing Cooling Costs

Another perk of summer tune-ups is that they help your HVAC system cool easier. Neglecting proper A/C maintenance could lead to blockages, dust, debris, clogging, and other problems, and creeping into the system over time. While these complications might seem small at first, they will cost you extra.

By giving your HVAC a proper summer tune-up, the system will operate at its full capacity throughout the year. Here are a few things included in your annual HVAC tune-up:

  • Licensed technicians unclog the system from any blockages, dust, and debris that collected since the last tune-up. An outdoor A/C unit can even collect leaves, dirt, and grass trimmings that significantly impede airflow. After clearing the system, your air conditioner will start cooling your home more efficiently.
  • Along with cleaning the HVAC of any debris, our technicians will also check for any clogs. These clogs could prevent the system from controlling humidity levels. Neglecting the system from built-up clogs could even cause water damage to your home.
  • Then, an HVAC technician will lubricate the system’s motor parts. Lubricating the motor will help the unit run smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer season.
  • Lastly, the technician will clean and adjust your air conditioning system’s blower components.

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Many people don’t realize how an annual check-in with your HVAC technician can save them money. Trust us to give your air conditioner the summer tune-up it needs to run at peak efficiency. Our NATE-certified technicians have the experience and know-how to provide any HVAC service you need, whether it’s regular maintenance, installation, or an air conditioning repair.

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