At All Hours Plumbing, we’re proud to offer a full range of HVAC and furnace services to home and business owners around Utah this fall and winter. This is a vital time of year for preparing your home for the upcoming cold season, and we can inspect all the important components that go into this and ensure you’re in good shape.

Why have the furnace tuned up every year, though? Some homeowners may think that unless there are specific signs of damage or issues, there’s no real reason to have this done. But in reality, the yearly furnace tune-up has several specific benefits, from keeping you safe and healthy to lowering your utility bill and increasing your system’s lifespan. Let’s look at some reasons why you should always have your furnace inspected each year.

Preventive Services

One of the primary functions of a furnace tune-up is the way it allows our professionals to catch minor issues before they turn into major issues. You may not love paying a small amount for this yearly inspection, particularly if it doesn’t return any issues, but it’s easily preferable to paying 10 times that amount or even more to fix a major breakdown that took place because you weren’t taking these precautions. An inspection offers our pros telltale signs that these kinds of issues are potentially at risk of happening, and allows you to make the necessary fixes without breaking the bank.

Personal Health

Another big reason why these inspections are vital is the way they promote the health of everyone in a given home or building. Certain furnace issues can lead to not only mechanical problems, but also major health risks – think of a cracked heat exchanger, which can leak carbon monoxide that’s harmful to humans. The sooner you catch these issues, the sooner they can be attended to.

Simple Cleanliness and Odors

During the summer months, the furnace doesn’t have to do much – it generally sits around and collects dust in most homes. If it isn’t cleaned before you start heating, this dust will be burned as part of its initial heating and will create a foul odor that can linger for hours and even days. A good tune-up here gets rid of this issue while also lubricating all the important parts so they aren’t at risk of breaking down.

Efficiency and Utility Bill

If your HVAC system has low air pressure, it won’t be heating your home properly. We can measure this pressure using our tools, tracing any issues to their roots and helping you get the best efficiency possible.

Not only will this keep you comfortable, the benefits will show in your wallet as well. A more efficient home means lower energy bills, often by a pretty huge amount.

Lifespan and Warranty

The average furnace needs to be replaced roughly once every 15 years, but you can extend this lifespan with smart actions like yearly tune-ups. These can often increase a furnace’s lifespan to 20 years or even more.

In some cases, furnaces may have warranties that actually require professional maintenance as part of the deal. If something goes wrong and you haven’t been scheduling this required maintenance, your warranty could be voided.

For more on why you should never skip furnace maintenance, or to learn about any of our HVAC or plumbing services, speak to the pros at All Hours Plumbing today.