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Do you own a commercial building or manage a commercial building and need a good plumber in Salt Lake City? We would very much appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust by providing top dollar experience and service for more than reasonable price. We're big enough to handle your job yet small enough to care about quality and service.

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Plumber Salt Lake City Utah

Plumbing Services

Hiring a plumber in Salt Lake City can either be a great experience or a terrible one. When inviting someone into your home you'd like them to be well mannered, clean, friendly & professional. When you call All Hours either Chuck the owner or one of hand-picked, friendly plumbers will show up to get the job done right the first time and make you feel 100% comfortable while doing it.

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We are a full service plumbing company that specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing. Of course there are a lot of choices around Salt Lake when choosing a plumber, see our article below on "How To Find a Good Plumber". Our website has been put together to help educate Salt lake residents about our services and what makes us uniquely different than other plumbers in Utah.  We are a small, owner operated plumbing company but are capable of handling small residential plumbing jobs as well as larger commercial projects depending on the size.  

Are you looking for an AFFORDABLE plumber in Salt Lake City, UT?

Where we stand out is in the area of customer service and prices.  Hiring a plumber is no different than hiring an auto mechanic or some other professional that has the ability to tell you whatever they want to tell you without you knowing any better.  This is why so many people who need a simple repair end up being told they need a brand new system, or who need a $100 repair but get sold on a $500 repair.

How To Find a Good Plumber:

Utah seems to be overflowing with a lot of professionals in all sorts of industries and the plumbing industry is no exception.  There is a plethora of options and like everything else in life there are good plumbers and not so good ones, and there's even the flat out bad plumbing companies that you want to avoid like the plague.  Instead of naming names and pointing fingers we thought we would bring to your mind a few things that you might not have thought of yet when looking for a good plumber.

  1. What Do Others Say?  If you are basing your decision on whether or not to call a plumber based on what they say about themselves on their website or even testimonials that they have on their website you might end up surprised and sorely disappointed.  We all like to talk ourselves up and say nice things about ourselves.  What matters of course though is what other people say about us.  In today's day and age of online reviews where every customer has a voice you can find out very quickly what kind of experience you will have with a plumber (or any business for that matter) by taking to Google or Yelp or any of the other directories online and checking a company's online reviews.  Most websites like Google, Yelp, Yahoo,, etc do a pretty good job at filtering out fake reviews and provide a pretty honest look at a companies reputation and how they treat their customers.
  2. Just because a plumber gives you pricing for a small job over the phone doesn't necessarily mean that they are a good plumber.  In a lot of cases a homeowner doesn't know the exact issue or the details of the issue and a good plumber might want to be able to see and be in front of the job before giving a quote.  The only thing worst than not getting a price over the phone is being told one price and then getting an entirely different price after the plumber has had a chance to actually see the problem and assess all the factors.
  3. Ask how long they have been in business.  Being in business for 30+ years isn't necessarily a sign of a good plumber but a plumber who has been in business for a few months might and should cause you a little hesitation.  There won't be much of any time for others to have reviewed them online and who knows whether they'll end up disappearing on you.  Unless you have a good recommendation or a personal relationship it's recommended to only hire a plumber who has been in business for at least a year or two.

For a quality and affordable 24-hour plumbers in Salt Lake City, UT we encourage you to use the tips above. After doing so we hope you end up giving us a call and allowing us the opportunity to gain your trust and your plumbing business for life.

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