Most of us know how vital all the elements of in-house plumbing are, but for some reason drain cleaning can often fall through the cracks when discussing standard household maintenance. It’s just water, we think – what’s the worst that could happen? If there’s a bit of hair in there slowing things down, just flush some Drain-O down and everything will be fine, right?

Wrong. Drains can become a serious problem if they’re not properly kept up. Many of our emergency plumbing calls at All Hours Plumbing are for drain-related issues, which can cause everything from major water damage to contamination and major health issues.

What do you need to watch out for with drains, and how can drain maintenance benefit your home?

What Causes Drain Blockages?

You may think you’re being diligent about what gets in your drains, but it’s often tough to keep out many of the elements that can cause clogs over time if left unattended. Various items which can cause blockages include:

  • Food
  • Grease
  • Hair
  • Solid objects
  • Soap scum

If left for too long, the blockages that can be caused by these items can have severe effects. Water damage and flooding are common, and many people have to completely revamp their plumbing system if the blockages take place in pipes deep under the house. Water problems can cause mold and bacteria to form, plus the water itself can be dirty and contaminated in many cases. Many water damage issues even cause problems with the structural foundation of houses.

Problems You Can’t See

Many times, these won’t be problems you’ll see any visible evidence of until it’s too late. Sometimes noticeable drops in water pressure or obvious clogs in a drain won’t show up until the blockage is already virtually complete, and you’ll be lucky if you catch it before it causes significant, expensive damage.

Regular Maintenance

For exactly this reason, regular drain maintenance is vital. Basic preventative checks from an expert plumber like All Hours Plumbing can catch nearly all of these potential problems before they manifest into something much worse. Instead of digging up drain lines amid tree roots in your yard, you’d probably rather pay a much smaller fee for some standard maintenance and avoid the hassle altogether.

All Hours Plumbing is an industry leader in drain maintenance and other plumbing services. Our representative are standing by to assist you.