The snow is falling, the leaves are off the trees, and winter has arrived. At All Hours Plumbing, that means we’re here to help you and your family get ready for the cold season.

One of the most important areas here? Home air quality. You spend more time indoors on average during the winter, and the quality of the air in your HVAC system is important to consider. Here are a few basic tips for how you can improve your home’s air quality heading into the coldest months when you’ll be indoors the most.

Air Filters

Your furnace filters should be replaced regularly throughout the year – usually around once a month, depending on your system. This is especially important during winter, however – both people and pets spend more time inside and shed skin cells and hair, all of which can fill the filter up faster.

Vents and Registers

All the air in your heating and air system blows through registers and vents, and these will build up basic dust and dirt over time. If you have a basic want attachment to your vacuum or even just a flexible duster, you can easily clean these areas.


When the fan runs, indoor air is always being filtered naturally – it will have a higher quality in general. It’s important to also note, though, that you might see an increase in your monthly bill if you do this often.

Down similar lines, ceiling fans can be a vital part of air quality in the winter. Be sure to clean all ceiling fans around this time, and while you’re doing so, reverse the direction of the fan so it turns clockwise. This will lead to an updraft, which helps warm air to circulate through the home and might help lower your energy bill.

UV Disinfection

For some who want the highest quality air possible, you can consider installation of UV disinfection systems. These remove gasses, odors, germs, bacteria and viruses through the use of low-volt UV light.

Professional Duct Cleaning

If you’re still seeing air quality issues after taking many of the above tips, our professionals are here to help. Call us for basic HVAC repair or other tricks to help wit your heating and air system, or to learn about any of our plumbing services at All Hours Plumbing