Drain Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City

Drain Cleaning Salt Lake City

All Hours Plumbing SLC provides top-notch drain cleaning in Salt Lake City and the entire Salt Lake valley. We also are excited to be providing our five star drain cleaning service to Park City residents as well. There is no need to get taken by the big guys. The reason Chuck started All Hours Plumbing is because he worked for the big guys and didn’t like how they did business and he knew he could provide a better more honest service to Utah residents.

Taking care of your plumbing system is something every homeowner should do. You need to make sure that the pipes are working properly and the water flows smoothly, but there may be times when there is damage that you cannot see inside the pipes. That’s why it’s so important to know what your plumbing system is like so you can detect any changes.

A great place to start is with checking the drain. Small objects, food scraps, grease, and hair accumulate in the pipes and obstruct the flow of water, and if they go unresolved, the stagnant water can cause all sorts of problems for your home, from backed up pipes and flooding to higher humidity, mold, and mildew. If the pipe springs a leak, it may even cause damage to your home’s foundation.

What You Need to Do

In some cases you may be able to clean the drain on your own, but when it’s beyond your ability, it’s time to enlist the help of a trusty provider of drain cleaning services in Salt Lake City. Here at All Hours Plumbing SLC, we have a team of professionals that will take care of your concerns.

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Just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest…

  • No hidden fees!
  • Small enough to care, large enough to handle your tough jobs
  • Integrity before profit
  • Fast response times!

Consistent drain cleaning can be a life saver and prevent annoying messy backups and a whole bunch of other problems and expensive repairs.  There are a lot of companies in Salt Lake that can clean your drain but there are few that provide the kind of service and customer service that All Hours Plumbing SLC is committed to providing.

Chuck takes all of the calls and if he is not available he will return your call within 5 minutes!  For fast, top-notch drain cleaning in Salt Lake City and Park City don’t hesitate for a minute to give Chuck a call.

Do you have an emergency?

No worries!  We just so happen to be the best emergency plumber in town!  Don’t believe us?  Check out our reviews!  If you need emergency drain cleaning services or any other plumbing problem that requires immediate attention we’ve got your back.  It’s always better to address a problem as early on as possible because what might seem like a small emergency can turn into a large emergency pretty quickly.  Give us a call at 801-204-9181 right now and we’ll be there to before you know it!

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