Regular and Tankless Water Heater Service

The water heater is an important component of the plumbing system, and it should last for many years as long as you get the right maintenance and repairs to prevent any issues.

Common water heater problems include the following:

  • Difference in water temperature – It may be too hot or not hot at all. Chances are the burner has problems.
  • Leaks – The tubes may be broken
  • Dirty Water – Discolored water may be an indication that the pipes are rusty or dirt has entered the tank.

All Hours Plumbing SLC will provide you with the highest quality water heating repair and installation services in Salt Lake City from our team of trained professionals. When you work with us, you get exceptional work and top-notch service.

Common Causes of Water Heater Damages

The tankless water heaters Utah households us are usually somewhere that you don’t spend a lot of time, so the reasons behind damages are not always apparent. The type of repair may depend on the cause.

Often, the reason that there are variances in the water temperature is the problematic burner. The heating mechanism may be inadvertently dismantled because of improper checkups or faulty repairs. There may also be problem with the thermostat.

Dripping water is often caused by glitches in the pressure-relief valve. If there are leaks coming from the hot water tank, chances are the storage is already corroded. If your tank is relatively new and you have this problem, check for dents and holes.

An explosion could be the worst-case scenario. This may happen if the gas leaks around the heater. Excessive water pressure, on the other hand, may also cause an explosion. This typically occurs when the pressure is contained and not released.

What to Do When You Need Repairs

When you discover that your heating system has problems, get in touch with All Hours Plumbing SLC. We have a team of professionals that will provide reliable plumbing solutions. To avoid water heater problems in the future, we advise that you do the following:

  • Have your system checked by our plumbers.
  • Check the heater’s valves regularly.
  • Regulate the temperature.

Do not attempt to repair damages on your own. Leave the repairs and installations to us to avoid mishaps.

Our Difference

When it comes to repairs of tankless water heaters in Utah, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service and support, no matter what time of the day or night you have a problem. We also make sure that all our prices are transparent and ever transaction is done with honesty and integrity to protect you as a consumer. Browse our other pages to learn more about our water heater installations, repairs, and other plumbing solutions.

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