The pipes inside your home are often hidden, but they play a very critical role in your ability to get water from your faucets and showers for everything from cleaning to cooking. In some cases when you have a plumbing problem it will be really obvious—a serious leak, a burst pipe—but in other cases you may not notice the signs until the problem has spread. Here are some signs you can look for to find those sneaky plumbing problems and address them right away by calling a professional plumber in Utah.


Continuous Drips


Sure, that continual drip-drop of water that you can hear from your faucet is a little bit annoying, but it’s not really a problem, right? Wrong. Not only can a constantly dripping faucet cost you a significant amount of money by wasting a lot of water throughout the day and night, it can also send hundreds of gallons of water down your drains, which could eventually cause a flood or other leak. A dripping faucet is often a sign of worn down rubber washers that are supposed to form a tight seal to prevent water from coming into your pipes, and this needs to be repaired or replaced before the valve seal becomes worn or corroded.


Reduced Water Pressure


There are some things completely unrelated to your home’s plumbing that could cause a reduction in water pressure, such as a broken water main in the municipal supply, but a more common reason that the water isn’t flowing is that your pipes are clogged with deposits or sediments. This is particularly dangerous if you have hard water, as these minerals often stick to metal surfaces and can reduce the water’s ability to get through pipes. You might also have a serious leak or breach in your pipes, which requires immediate emergency repair to prevent flooding and home damage.


Running Toilet


If jiggling the handling of your toilet is no longer working to stop the constant running of water, you might need to repair the flapper valve that lets water pass from the tank to the bowl. In some cases you can make a quick repair on your own, but in other cases the problem might go beyond just replacing the flapper, and you will require more extensive help from a professional plumber in Salt Lake City.


Whenever you see a leak or notice signs of potential water damage, the first thing you should do is call a Salt Lake City plumber. Waiting and hoping that the problem will resolve on its own often just leads to more extensive damage and more expensive repair bills.